Wireless Hair Cutter  (10pcs/set) + Anti-Electric Shock Safety Shell Socket Protect

Wireless Hair Cutter (10pcs/set) + Anti-Electric Shock Safety Shell Socket Protect

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  • Description
  • Cutting children’s hair with scissors is not safe because they often shift around, or they might even turn their head to look at you right when you’re moving the scissors towards their head. Hair trimmer are a necessity to safely cut  children’s hair.

    * Safe Haircutting Clipper - KUB baby clipper adopts ceramic blade with 28 R-shaped teeth to cut kids’ hair without pulling hair or scratching skin.

    *  Haircut Kits for Kids - 6 guide combs (0-3mm/3-6mm/9-12mm), brush, sponge, lube & bib are included in kit which allow you to create stylish haircuts for babies.

    *  Silent Buzzer - Our noiseless trimmer is lower than 50 dB and suits for infants, toddlers, babies, boys and especially autism kids & sensory sensitive children.

    *  Cordless &USB Rechargeable - After shaving 40-60mins and power indicator turning to red, you need to recharge it through USB cable for 5 hours.

    *  Superior Waterproof - KUB kid shaver is waterproof which means wash the cutter head in water is available.

    KUB Anti-electric shock safety shell sockets protect to prevent your kids from being electrocuted, which is nonflammable, non-toxic and odorless. They are secure and fit tight in the sockets and you don’t need to take it off when you use it, which would provide convenient and reassuring experiences for you.

    * This product can protect children against unexpected danger of electric shock.
    * Keep your children always safe and avoid accidents.
    * Can be inserted directly into the power jack.
    * Baby difficult to pull out, Can be used for the same towing line board, easy to use.
    * Humanized design, Easy to install and used alone.
    * Suitable for 2 plug socket, will not affect normal use of other plugs.