The Complete Mama Prenatal Gift Set
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The Complete Mama Prenatal Gift Set

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  • Inclusions:

    1 Bottle Prenatal Ease Stage 1 (For Mama's first trimesters)

    1 Bottle Prenatal Ease Stage 2 (For Mama's 2nd trimester)

    1 Bottle Prenatal Ease Stage 3 (For Mama's 3rd trimester)

    1 Bottle Prenatal Ease Belly Therapy - Helps improve the appearance of stretchmarks, scars, dry skin, uneven skin tone and ageing skin.
    Light, dry oil that is easily absorbed by your skin.
    Plant-based formula, made with our proprietary herbal blend to help repair and revitalize your stretching skin.Contains apricot kernel oil to moisturize and soothe itchy skin.

    1 Can Secrets of Tea Get Ready for Labor Tea - GET READY FOR LABOR AND DELIVERY: This tea contains the essential nutrients & vitamins like magnesium, iron, calcium & much more to help tone your uterus & prepare your body for delivery.


    *With Giftbox, Ribbon, Gift tag and free 2 pcs hair scrunchie

  • Our Story
  • Prenatal Ease was launched by a husband and wife duo on a mission to provide carefully formulated health products and high-quality, plant-based skin care for new moms. They discovered a gap in the market for optimally formulated prenatal health products while on their own personal journey of starting a family, as well as working with other moms in a similar predicament. The founders Yan and Michael decided to leave their full-time jobs to begin the research and development for Prenatal Ease.

    Michael is a sci-fi fan, environmentalist and no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive research and development experience came from working with major institutions like the University of Toronto and the University of London. He has over ten years of clinical experience as a practicing pharmacist in England and Canada. It was during his many patient consultations with pregnant women, he noticed that the one-size-fits-all approach with prenatal vitamins did not work with all women. 

    Yan is an engineer, avid traveler, and a health and wellness advocate. She comes from a large family, and grew up with plenty of exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whilst planning for her pregnancy, she did extensive research to find quality products from conception to pregnancy. She is fascinated with the benefits of traditional herbal medicines, and is even more excited about being a first time mom! Yan understands the challenges of motherhood from managing morning sickness to adjusting one’s lifestyle with a new bundle of joy. She is extremely passionate about supporting moms to strive towards a balanced and happy life.

    Michael and Yan, together with a diverse team of healthcare professionals including a doctor, physiotherapist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner started the research and development of Prenatal Ease. After several years of extensive research, Prenatal Ease’s products are now available on the market.

  • Recognized by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).

    Comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant women in their first trimester (Weeks 0-13)
    Contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals
    Contains premium grade ginger and vitamin B6 to help alleviate morning sickness
    Provides 800 mcg of folate per serving to help prevent neural tube defects
    Contains the perfect amount of iron to minimize risk of morning sickness, and constipation
    100% of vitamin A as beta-carotene, a powerful and safe antioxidant.
    Gentle on the stomach
    Easy to swallow vegetarian-friendly capsules
    Available in 90 capsule bottles (1.5 month supply)

  • Stage 2
  • Comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant women in their second trimester (Weeks 13-26)
    Contains 19 essential vitamins and minerals for your growing baby
    Provides greater levels of iron to help support your increased blood production
    100% of vitamin A as beta-carotene, a powerful and safe antioxidant
    Easy to swallow vegetarian-friendly capsules

  • Stage 3
  • Comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant women in their third trimester (Weeks 26-40)
    Contains vitamins K, B, C & D, and iron, to help prepare for childbirth
    Rich source of chromium to help maintain proper blood sugar metabolism
    Contains Vitamin K, an essential vitamin in proper blood clot formation
    Contains a special herbal blend to help prepare your body for labour and to minimize indigestion and bloating
    100% of vitamin A as beta-carotene, a powerful and safe antioxidant
    Easy to swallow vegetarian-friendly capsules