Panda Necklace Air Purifier - White
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Panda Necklace Air Purifier - White

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Breathe easy knowing that you can let your kids play around breathing clean and fresh air with our Panda Design (Air Purifier Necklace).

    This comes with benefits that help:

    * Child Friendly
     Release a large number of negative ions in the air
    Eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens 
    Remove the smell of smoke and harmful gases in your personal space!

    Product Specifications:

    Input Voltage: 5V (USB)
    Negative Ion: 6million pcs/cm3
    Applicable area: below 10m²
    Charging Time: 1-2 hours
    Battery Life: 24 hours
    Net Weight: 38.5g