Necklace Air Purifier - Pink
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Necklace Air Purifier - Pink

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Breathe easy knowing that you can take clean and fresh air with you wherever you go with air purifier necklace.

    Some people have started wearing necklace air purifiers for personal protection wherever they go. These air purifiers release negative ions that stick to contaminants such as viruses causing them to fall on surfaces, making the air free from contaminants.

    * Portable
    * Negative ion purification
    * Purifying formaldehyde
    * Purifying smoke
    * Removal of PM2.5
    * Removes the source of allergy
    * Kills bacteria
    * No consumables
    * Service time: 48hrs

    * Input voltage: DC 5V
    * Input power: 0.1W
    * Bacteria degradation Rate: >96%
    * Charging method: USB
    * Size: 60*55*17mm
    * Weight: 30g
    * Anion concentration: 6 million pcs/cm3