Ketone Test Strips
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Ketone Test Strips

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  • Description
  • If you want to check your urine ketones day-to-day, stick with a specific time, like in the morning or several hours after your last meal of the day, for best comparison.
    The test is often used to help monitor people at a higher risk of developing ketones.

    The process of using keto strips looks like this:

    * Wash your hands, then take a urine sample in a small container.
    * Immerse the absorptive end of the strip into the sample for a few seconds, then remove.
    * Wait for the amount of time outlined on the package for the strip to change color.
    * Compare the strip with the color chart on the packaging.
    * Dispose of the urine and strip in an appropriate manner before washing your hands.
    * The color corresponds to the concentration of ketones in your urine, which can range from no ketones to high concentrations. The darker the color, the higher your ketone levels.