Dry Erase Pockets Reusable Transparent A4 Size (10pc)
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Dry Erase Pockets Reusable Transparent A4 Size (10pc)

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  • Description
  • Our Dry Erase Pockets are perfect for using them in an environment where you need many pockets at one time for instance in a classroom or workstation etc. This way you can always stay on top of your game. Thus, they are great teacher and classroom supplies and perfect for homeschooling: Learn Math, Subtraction, Addition, Division, Colors, Shapes, Multiplication. You can also get activity books and cut off the binding and put the sheets in different pockets and use them countless times. The options for using them is endless.

    * ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: There is no need for printing the same papers over and over while you help to save the environment. Our oversized dry erase reusable pockets can be used again and again which will help you save you time and money

    * KEEPS YOUR PAPERS NEAT: These oversized reusable dry erase pockets ensure that whatever you chose to put in them will stay as neat and clean as the day you inserted them
    * OVERSIZED POCKETS: Our oversized reusable dry erase pockets are 10 x 13 inches which makes them larger than most. This way it is easier to glide in your papers without squeezing them in, keeping the papers in pristine condition
    * A PLACE TO STORE YOUR MARKER: We waste so much time looking for our markers. These oversized reusable dry erase pockets have a place for you to store your marker so it's at hand when you need it
    * IDEAL FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN: These oversized reusable dry erase pockets make it easy to store your valuable documents and you can make notes on them without damaging the paper. Heavy duty so they keep long during use with children

    Quick facts about our Reusable Dry Erase Pockets:

    Packet of 30
    Size: 10 x 13 inches
    Easy Wipe Off Sheet Pockets. Wipe Clean and Use Again and Again
    Ten different colors of which there is three of each in a packet of 30
    Put in more than one document and keep papers neat
    Store your markers where your pockets are