How can you drop weight while breastfeeding without lowering your milk supply?


Breastfeeding is frequently regarded as the body’s natural way of assisting new mothers in losing the weight that they’ve gained during their pregnancy, but the amount of weight that they’ll lose varies from one nursing mom to another.

There are a lot of factors that we can consider why breastfeeding can help in losing one’s weight, the first factor is that according to some research, nursing moms tend to burn on average 500 additional calories daily, and the second one is that nursing moms may also be more careful of what they consume to ensure their babies' safety, hence they reduce their intake of carbohydrates, processed, and unhealthy foods. While patronizing plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables.  (2019, Anna Crollman).

Aside from that, eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water will help you to lose weight since it will make you more productive and energized, and having a lot of sleep is also a good advantage since according to some research, a lack of sleep can cause an increase in hunger.

However, Weight loss during lactation does not usually impact the quantity or quality of breast milk, but maternal deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, and zinc have been described during lactation (2017, Kominiarek et al.) As such, it is advised that mothers should continue to take a prenatal vitamin every day while breastfeeding.
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Other maternal factors such as stress, anxiety, and smoking can decrease milk production too.

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