Postpartum and what to do about it


The first six weeks after childbirth are known as the postpartum phase or puerperium or "fourth trimester," For mothers, this is a time of adjustment and healing. You'll bond with your baby and have a post-delivery visit with your doctor during these weeks. (2016, Higuera) Going back to the paradigm that we used above, this postpartum period is like the phase before the denouement of your pregnancy story. As a mother, you will start to adjust to the different changes that occurred and will occur. It includes the sleepless nights taking care of your baby, your duties as a mommy, the postpartum shivering or chills, the feelings of baby blues, and more.
This stage is very challenging for new mothers, but very soon, we know that you will get used to it. Until then, here are the things that you can do for you to adapt to the different changes:

Connect with other people

- It’s very important especially for new mothers to seek help and advice from others who’ve experienced your current situation. You can join online groups and ask questions about motherhood. As a mother, it’s also important to seek the company of your family members especially in doing different chores and taking care of your baby. By this, you can have time for yourself, to take a rest, and heal your body.


Have a lot of sleep

- As stated above, this period is a time for adjustment and healing, as a mommy, you need to get a lot of sleep for you to heal quickly, cope with tiresome, and have strength in performing your future duties as a mother.


Eat Healthy Foods and Stay Hydrated

- In the first part of this blog, we’ve tackled about losing weight while breastfeeding, and it’s stated there that one of the factors of losing weight is that “nursing moms are more careful of what they consume”, but aside from that, eating healthy foods and staying hydrated will ensure that your baby will get sufficient nutrients from you. And these foods will also help you to recover quickly.


Drink Vitamins and Supplements

- At the time you gave birth, you lost a lot of nutrients in your body. Therefore, you need to regain these nutrients for you to recover quickly and to make sure that you will give the best for your baby. And the best that we’re talking about is the products that FamGro is offering:

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